Saturday, July 12, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this notion rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn't require any."
--Russell Baker

Those were my thoughts too. And now I'm back. Writing at work, writing here.

Yer Birthday
The blog is 1 year old today. Happy birthday, blog. We did it. 52 weeks of sheer unadulterated crabbiness and snotty comments about the KNITTING MULTI-VERSE.

Oh yay. Send me presents. I accept cash.

I'm too lazy to look for sparkly birthday graphics or sink a happy birthday .wav file into the blog's code. So bite me.

Down the Forest Path
So I'm waiting with bated (or perhaps baited) breath for the next list-o-rama extravaganza to come along.

That's right folks. There's a new one in the offing. Some idiot on the Knit List (or was it Knit U--I forget) wants to start a list for those who are knitting the Forest Path stole from the summer issue of Interweave Knits.

This could possibly be even more exciting than OpalChatterers. O be still my beating heart. There's nothing that spells instant ennui quicker than a one-trick-pony mailing list. And heaven only knows that if any of the KnitDweebs are attempting the stole, they will need to e-mail each other constantly in the hopes of assuaging each other's ineptitude.

I'm making this stole. Here's the deal.

The directions are excellent, so far. The stole is A) entrelac which is comprised of B) 3 fairly easy lace panels of 20-21 stitches and 39-40 rows--Lily of the Valley, Birch Leaves, and Fern. That's it.

How I've mucked with the directions? I changed the 2-row bobble in Lily of the Valley to a 1-row bobble. I refuse to keep the panels not in use on stitch holders.

Those are my tips. Now you don't need a mailing list.

Virus? What Virus?
Server? What Server?

So today, Knit U's Tim The Unix Guy sent yet another message to the Knit U list about .dat attachments. And the server may be down this weekend because he might be installing a new box.

They have more damned technical trouble with their server, with viruses, with Unix in general. If the X-men weren't so fucking worried about censoring "unpleasant" opinions of Knitters and Stitches, they could run the list from Yahoo.

But then, they couldn't steal people's posts and use them in their magazine as freebie filler, could they?

Tiny Diva Reality Show
Yes, it's true. The Tiny Diva has announced with much flitty, breathless excitement that she's talking to a "major broadcast tv network about a spot on *prime time* for a new show in the fall !"

Um, and that would be on what "major broadcast tv network"? Speculation runs rampant, I'm sure.

Probably Peoria Local Access, no doubt.

As Loop said to me in an e-mail today: "Chin? Prime time? Is this the one where the *audience* is the survivor?"

Oh yeah.

Do I see an Emmy in my crystal ball?

Or will Hollywood be so agog they'll rename it the Lily?
Chin should only wish she were that rare and handy.

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