Sunday, August 03, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it."--Frank Zappa

I'm inclined to agree...which is why I consider myself a craftsperson.

However, that does need to change.

Knitting Haiku Redux
Loop sent me a post from the Knit List that offered a knitting haiku--I'm deleting posts in large batches because I'm too fucking busy to read most of them.

I have only one answer to knitting haiku. Or haiku in general.

Thoughts of WMDs
Ersatz poesy beckons.
Bite me twice.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Wax On, Wax Off: Cast On, Cast Off
A mere "feh" is not sufficient to describe the contents of the TKGA's latest publication. At least, I don't need yet another Noro garter stitch design in my life. The only really good thing I can say about Cast On is at least they are publishing regularly now, which helps their credibility somewhat.

And WTF wid the giraffes? I realize their theme for this issue is "Animal Attraction" but frankly, I could do without assorted Endangered Species lurking in the background of every shot.

The worst I can say about the designs were that they were run-of-the-mill, guaranteed to attract the masses of TKGA members who like that shit. The best I can say is that there were a couple of interesting articles, in particular the one about Fibonacci numbers as applied to color and design. Wish it had been more in-depth. Fibonacci numbers is something I'd like to study further.

What INKnitters does so well and what Cast On does not is illustrate their technical articles so that the reader can see exactly what's going on. Visuals are everything--most people can't learn from text alone.

The Others
Haven't seen Vague Knitting yet...Interweave Knits I did see. Of all the magazines, I still have the most hope for IK. Although why they bound that simpleton bag pattern into the newsstand copies is beyond me. Elly was totally pissed off that she couldn't flip through the issue before she decided not to buy it. Her logic: "Well, because they had to wrap it, I wasn't going to buy it, so there. And they're not going to get other people to buy it if they can't browse through it first."

I pointed out to her that she never buys it anyway, so what was the difference?

Fin de Weekend
Great time with Mystery Man yesterday at a friend's BBQ...and he's still willing to answer questions in the Comments. I'm almost convinced he's as whacked as I am.

Correction: He definitely is. And what's good--he's as quiet as I am, which I am. Really.

I'm only rare and handy when I write, I think.

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