Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you.
--Francoise Sagan

Agreed. And that thought should apply to some knitted items as well.

Sexy Knitting
Got your attention? Sure I did. You're all craven creatures at heart.

With all the ghastly knitted creations out there in the magazines, I have to say that I really love Joan McGowan-Michael's vintage lingerie and other romantic knits. Her design company, White Lies, features the most incredible stuff, all of it kitted up and most reasonably priced, in my opinion.

Here's what I like. It's on my shopping list for Stitches East. I hope she's going to be there.

Stitches East
Despite the fact that I hate putting money into the X-Men's pockets by paying them their pound of flesh at the Market door, I really don't know of a better shopping experience than SE's Market.

Screw the classes. I don't need no fucking classes.

QueerJoe, Kathy, and I (and Elly too) will be meeting up on the Friday. And hopefully some of the rest of you will join us. Annie? Carol? Lisa? Antonio? and anyone else from the NY-NJ-PA area or wherever who will be there. Wish the Aussie contingent could make it...I will happily put up any of my Aussie readers who can pay for the airfare and their own yarn.

My Old-And-Tired-Thread Predictions
Used and Abused would be more like it.

OK, gang, here's what I foresee as threads in the coming weeks on the major lists. I've decided that now the fun in reading the lists is to anticipate what warm and fuzzy topics the KnitDweebs will be discussing....again and again and again.

1. Holiday Knitting
2. How to Deal with Ungrateful Relatives/Friends/Boyfriends Who Gave Your Felted Bottle Covers/Red Heart Wristers/Too-Short Willywarmers A Lukewarm Reception
3. Copyright
4. What are YOUR Favorite Needles?
5. What is YOUR Favorite Yarn?
6. Copyright
7. My 2003 Endless List of FOs Happy Dancetime!!!!!!
8. My 2003 Endless List of Charity Items I've Donated
9. My 2004 Endless List of Shit I Want to Knit
10. My Totally Uninteresting List of Shit that I Bought at Stitches, Destined to Languish in my Stash or Be Sold on E-bay.
11. Knitting on Planes
12. Copyright
13. Knitting on Planes
14. I'm Going to [fill in destination], are there any LYS?
15. The Great Acrylic/Natural Fiber Debate (already starting now on the Knit List, so hurry!)

There are so many more...and I'm sure you'll all add your dollah-three-eighty in the Comments below.

Except for Michael, whose interest in my blog lies largely in making trouble and making provocative statements in the Comments.

Is he not rare and handy at that, I ask you? But then, I don't want no man who can't stir up some shit.

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