Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.
--Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin

A small darkened cave, some sticks and string, a CD player, and the Man of Mystery.

Oh baby, that's a what I want.

I'm back to knitting socks exclusively. This makes the 8th pair this summer. What wid dat? I can't concentrate on the FPS. Anyone want a pair of socks?

I seem to churn them out. How many pairs do I need, really?

Don't Follow Leaders, Watch The Parking Meters
I am the proud recipient of an authentic rejection letter from the editors of Knit Lit Too.

Yep, inspected, rejected, dejected. The pump don't work cause the vandals took the handles.

Must be a Dylanesque morning.

Only Loopy has read my submission. She liked it. I wrote it back in January and believe it or not, it's a serious piece. I suppose I could let you read it, since it won't be published anyway. So click here.

I seldom write much of a personal nature. I'm used to writing about technical issues, processes, directions, what have you. Reality that's focused away from me. I long ago got used to having my writing inspected and rejected. When you write for a living, no matter what the topic, you get used to other people's fingers in your literary pie.

Saturday's Meet-up
QueerJoe has a great write-up (with pictures) on his blog, so I won't duplicate his effort. Suffice it to say once again that it's good to hang out with other knitters, especially that crew.

They're fucking insane.

Rules on Commenting
There aren't any, although you know that if you say something totally and utterly dweebish, I reserve the right to ban you without notice from commenting.

I've done it before. I have no qualms. This is my blog. This is not a democracy.


I'm actually quite enjoying the movie discussion that we've been having. Michael adds a piquant touch, don't you think?

I'm finished here. Time to continue being rare and handy so the powers that be put money in my bank account twice a month.

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