Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I took up knitting from time to time as a relaxation, but I always put it down again before going out to buy a rocking chair. --Beatrice Lillie

Knitting and rocking. When will we see this as a thread?

Or will it be knitting and rocking on the cat?

Varugated Yarn and Other Like Media
Got the Herrschener's Yarn Shoppe catalog in the mail yesterday and as I flipped through it, I realized why I don't buy much handpainted yarn or "fashion" yarn.

Fashion and handpainted yarns do the thinking for you and provide the colors for you, then demand that you use them in nothing more than the very basic of patterns.

I'd rather knit a plain raglan in plain old wool and revel in the raglan shapings than to do the same in some glitz or some multi-colored handpaint. Koigu being the possible exception and even with that, you're limited. Plus the pattern support for Koigu is awful. And I will admit to having knit 8 pairs of socks in Opal.

But that's just socks. I guess I'm just an old traditionalist. Or I can't find room in my dresser drawer for a TouchMe thong.

And You Thought Knitters Were Psychotic?
Here's a scary link to an interview titled "The Woman Who Couldn't Stop Scrapping" that was originally broadcast on NPR via PRI, courtesy of Sissyboo Karen, the Scrapper. She insists that ScrapDweebs are even more insane than KnitDweebs.

After listening to this, I agree. But a caveat: You do need high-speed access and Real Player to listen to this interview. And the interview runs about 10 minutes or so.

But this woman is a sick fuck.

By the way, Sissyboo has graciously agreed to do a cameo on the blog one of these days and offer up her own thoughts on Dweebism and other related topics.

It's because she's a chickenshit and won't do her own blog. Karen's concerned about the morons on her lists and that they'd know it was her writing her vitriolic thoughts.

Like that ever bothered me.

September Bizarro Link
Anyone want to contribute? I'm not finding anything exciting. Nothing excessively kinky, though. I already did the duct tape site last year, so forget that one.

Of course, full fashioned stockings and what you can do with them is always fun. But I digress.

Send me your links and I'll put up the winner. So I'm fucking lazy. Bite me. You get entertained here, now it's your turn.

Le Salon
The Comments are turning into a veritable salon of shit being discussed. And I for one am encouraging it. Nothing is so off-topic that I have a problem with it except the following:

:: Your fucking cat and how it gets into your stuff (Just for Lauren, so she doesn't get emotional)

:: Your medical history

:: Cute stories about your kids

:: Anything cute

:: Any list thread that I've trashed in previous entries

:: Anything French

And with the bait set, I return to the world of the real and the living, feeling quite quick and dead but...

still rare and handy.

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