Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Best Quote I Heard All Day
People talk about "dysfunctional" families; I've never seen any other kind.--Sue Grafton

Today is going to be a down and dirty post because I have lunch with my mother at noon and coffee with the brother and sister at 3:30.

Mammy has bought the Knit Picks Fair Isle cardigan kit and is currently zooming through their Fair Isle vest. I'll be interested in seeing what they look like.

Weaving Redux
On Sunday, I managed to rid my loom of the sampler, finally. It's time to move on and make some towels or something.

A rather ratty looking effort--still, my selvedges were pretty even. I've found a nice, easy towel pattern in Interweave's Top Ten 4-Shaft Towels e-book.

This will involve doing a warp of 490 ends. And because I want to make four towels, not just two, I'll have to figure on about 5 yds. per end. That's a lot of fucking threads. I have the purple, lavender (see, Loop, I spelled it right!) and red 10/2 unmercerized cotton I bought at WEBS. That will do quite nicely. I'll warp with the purple and then weft with the other two, alternating the weft for each towel.

I rather imagine the first towel will be, um, something I keep rather than give to my mother and brother, who are asking for these.

Tomorrow will be warp-chain making. And Thursday I'll warp the loom. By God.

Booga Bag Boogers
So why did I end up with little white boogers on my Booga Bag? It felted quite nicely and as I thought, was done and felted in short order.

You can see the little white boogers on the bag and the handle. I felted the bag in a mesh zippered bag, along with three pairs of jeans and my Yankee sweatshirt. So what the fuck is this? I didn't see a stray Kleenex or anything else that might have caused this.

I picked most of them off anyway. And as you can see, I haven't yet inserted the other handle. But it's kinda cute, if not a bit small for my taste.

I need a suitcase and most of my bags are pretty much that. Big honkin' suitcases, sufficiently large enough to carry all my junk.

This was a good stoopid project that acted as comic relief while knitting the Melanie shawl.

Of course, neither Corinne nor Liz wants it. So I guess it just isn't cute or kewl enough. Perhaps if I'd done a Hello Kitty motif, Corinne might have liked it.

Write, Wrote, Written
Yesterday I spent all day writing. Between the book and working on the directions for the hoodie, I had scant time to do anything fibrous. And didn't feel like doing the blog after all of that.

But still, it amazes me that when I sit down at the keyboard, shit flows from my fingers like it never does from my mouth. I actually tend to be very quiet in person.

Unless, of course, I'm with my beloved Wolverinas. There's something about them--Joe, Franklin, Loopy, Selma, Kathy, Carol, Lisa and Liza--that makes me open up.

Everyone has their knitting crew, I hope. It's a necessary part of life.

And always a rare and handy bunch to have around, good times or bad.

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