Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Just a quickie because I've been out all day and no time to blog.

Joe has had trouble with the connection between his domain, and blogger. I won't bore you with the technical details but you can reach his blog by clicking THIS.

I hate to say it but my days this week have been taken up by headhunters and a job interview tomorrow for an editing gig. This is a big fucking deal and it means bucks and health insurance. So rather than blog today, I spent time getting my corporate ass together (hair, clothes, putting together writing portfolio).

And no, it's not for a knitting mag--those guys would rather choke on their own spit than hire me, I'm betting. Their loss, too.

Anyway, by Friday I'll be back to regular blogging. Finished that little Gigi scarf and went back to the Melanie shawl. Perusing weaving drafts to determine which one the kitchen towels I'm making for Ma and Rich would be best suited.

So play nice and I'll see you all Friday, when I return to the Land of Fiber.

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