Monday, September 01, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.
--H. L. Mencken

And you thought that The Knitting Guild of America was the only not-for-profit organization that could attract KnitDweebs like flies on shit?

Nah. Now they're discussing The Red Hat Society .

It's the cute poem, the daring purple-and-red combo, and, of course, paying $35 to a group that offers nothing in return. And of course, the opportunity to wear Queen Mum hats.

Why do some women wear hats that they shouldn't? The corollary to that is: Why do some women wear sweaters that they shouldn't? It's all of a piece, I suppose.

And The Winner IS...
Lisa McNulty, for her submission, Divine Interventions. Please click on September's Bizarro link. And if you're a priss, a prude, or a Jesus shouter, just leave, OK?

Second Place goes to Regina, for her unforgettable link to the best menswear page I've seen in an age. Of course, it's German. Of course.

Third Place goes to Cheryl, for Klein Bottles, a link that contains actual knitting content. Check out the matching hats.

All the submissions were excellent. And yes, I did look at all of them. In fact, they were so good I had a real problem deciding the winner.

So I picked three and asked my excellent partner-in-crime, Michael, to pick the winner. Lisa's was the one I was leaning toward--and that's the one he picked.

I think I will put all of the links on a page and let you all look at them. But that's for the next time. Too lazy to do it today.

Tiny Diva on BBC Radio
Did you miss it? I mean, how could you? She only posted about it twice to Knit U. Hey, she was going to discuss her Guiness Book record! Again.

Well, when I bothered to remember last night, while doing my online studying for financial aid adminstrator (yet another fun work thing to do in my spare time), the link was dead.

But I managed to find it in the archives. Unfortunately, I also found a far more interesting interview with The Rolling Stones so I listened to that for an hour.

Keith Richards is far more uplifting an interview than Chin. I know it's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it.

Guest Editorship
QueerJoe, another partner-in-crime and the man least likely to become my next husband, has asked me to judge his "Guest Blog Writer" contest.

Now, I know you all read his blog, at least I hope you do. So get out there and write your little hearts out. He's sending me the entries without names, so I won't know who wrote what.

However, if there is an excessive use of French in any of them, I will know whose it is.

Be fruitful, be rare, be handy, and it's fucking raining here in NJ, so be sitting on your asses knitting.

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