Thursday, September 18, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I was gambling in Havana
I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns and money
Dad, get me out of this
--Warren Zevon, "Lawyers, Guns and Money"

Got to give WZ his tribute...and after today, dealing with my attorney, I'll be bringing the money AND the Uzi to the closings on Monday. Emmylou will be next, promise.

This is my favorite of Zevon's songs. This, and Excitable Boy. Dick, I give it 10 because you can dance to it, too.

Kat Knitting
Enough with the fucking cats on these lists. Kath put her neck out on the KList and threatened them with Benoit Bourque. It was a brilliant post and despite the one cry of outrage by some Texan woman, who apparently makes doggie sweaters and flogs them on the internet, shut them all up better, I think, than the List Moms.

I'd take that threat very seriously.

I like cats. Remember the late, great Milo? But jeez Louise, cats belong where they belong. Right up there with Benoit Bourque.

By the way, I felt it was time to publish the TCI Home Office Operations group's unofficial picture. I want it on a T-shirt. I should send it to any list whose thread is tiresome, in lieu of a post.

I gave this framed to my last boss, Mark, when he left us for AIG. He keeps it in his desk drawer and looks at it in fond remembrance.

I like to share.

Knitty's 1st Anniversary
I wish I had more time to design and write for Knitty. It just keeps getting better and this issue is truly the most professional so far. Lots of good ways to use Noro.

And the guitar strap was inspired. Shit, it's far better than knitting a scarf. Although I was impressed with the Koigu-ruffled scarf, even though I have about as much use for scarves as for warshcloths.

What really blew me away was the Mrs. Hoover baby blanket. Not the design, it's feh. But I appreciate the historical research done by Kristi Porter. That is extremely interesting.

So good to say something good about a knitting magazine. Knitty is going places. Let's hope that Amy never loses her editorial focus, with the yarn companies courting her.

We've seen that happen before elsewhere, haven't we?

Be Gay...Be Very Gay
QueerJoe's contest is over. I selected the winner and I believe Joe will publish it tomorrow. All very strong entries, all very good. I enjoyed playing editor again.

So? I need your "input." Your "feedback."

I need your opinion as to time is designated for the Chat-o-Rama. Tell you what. I'll do another poll. I'll pick a bunch of days and times and you may vote. The poll will run for a week.

I want to include our overseas friends, specifically my Ozmates. And anyone else not of this time zone. But I need it to be in the evening, Eastern Standard Time.

And I am the Napoleonora of this blog. Everyone in unison: Bite me.

Thank you, I will.

Shufflin' Off
This will be the last entry in the house. Monday I'm in Allamuchy. I can't wait. I will not post until Tuesday next, at the earliest.

As Jen Tocker says, the computer will be the first thing set up. She's right. But I've got my FPS and the Queen Anne's Lace at my side, ready for stress relief.

I learned to be truly handy by hanging up the carbon monoxide monitor. It's a half-assed job but it passed the fire inspector's eagle eye.

Maybe I'm just rare.

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