Friday, September 26, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
The IQ and the life expectancy of the average American recently passed each other going in opposite directions. --George Carlin

Take a week off, get 2,321 messages from Knitting Nirvana aka the Lists, and...

La plus ca change, etc.

Monday from 9-10 won. Monday from 8-9 came in second. I'll be there at 9 next Monday. The rest of you do what you like.

An hour a week is about all I could stand of any chatroom, let alone my own.

Celebrity Scarfs
Which is what the book should be called, in recognition of the combined knitting acumen and cerebella contained therein. As a devoted skimmer of People, I noted in this week's issue a mention of said book. So I guess "scarfs" aren't out with the Hollywood knitistes.

I wish knitting would fade back into the shadows of craftdom, from whence it came. There's just too many fucking people doing it these days, and doing it badly.

Far From The Wadding Crowd
Egad, but Knit U has had some really inane posts this week. I must confess that it's been my main source of yuks during my personal week of moving hell.

What is wadding, indeed. What the fuck do you think it is?

And armscye. Someone on Knit U made the moronic observation that " seems the term has crept quietly into knitting and crochet, because 'armhole' was too clear and straightforward."

Um, no. Those people who sew as well as knit know that armscye is the correct term. And, I might add, those knitters who also sew understand knitted garment construction far better than those who do not sew.

The best (and the only) craft class I've ever taken was the old "Stretch and Sew" course, where you really learned how to deal with knit fabric. Much of what I learned I use still in my designing and my finishing.

Sweaters are garments. Or they used to be.

La Musica del Mar
A reader, Martini, sent me an e-mail asking me what my music playlist would be. Besides Benoit Bourque--just kidding, that's Kathy's gig, not mine--I think that my playlist would just go on forever.

I love to dance. So if I can dance to it, no matter who the artist, it goes on the playlist. But here's some of my favorite songs and artists, not necessarily danceable. Some make me cry. Some make me drive too fast. All of them I love. I only knit to classical music, by the way.

Dimming of the Day--Bonnie Raitt
Louie, Louie--The Kingsmen
Start Me Up--The Stones
Let It Roll--Little Feat
Pride and Joy--Stevie Ray Vaughn
What I Like About You--The Romantics
She Drives Me Crazy--Fine Young Cannibals
Magic Bus--The Who
Hold On--Sam and Dave
Sweet Home Alabama--Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sweet Jane--Lou Reed
Freefallin'--Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Are You Gonna Go My Way--Lenny Kravitz

And you're listening to my favorite Emmylou Harris song, as promised.

That's just a drop in the bucket. And Stairway to Heaven is not my favorite song. I don't know why it's always #1 on every radio station's Top 100 of All Time lists.

In Allamuchy
I'm ensconced. Unpacking stuff. And finally got to sit down and knit tonight for a few minutes on the Forest Path Stole. I'm on Tier 10 still. But it was good to have a quiet time, amidst the chaos.

But I thrive on chaos. I like to make order from it. And keep moving on.

You can't be rare and handy if you fall asleep at the wheel, that's for sure.

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