Thursday, March 20, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
10) I can see your point, but I still think you're full of shit.
--From 50 Things You Wish You Could Say at the Office

My general frame of mind at work these days...

The New Knitter's
Thank God this is the last issue of my subscription. From now on, I'll have to flip through it at B&N or Borders because I'm sure not going to plunk down good money for it until Rick Mondragon gets demoted to janitor.

Not even going to dignify it with a review except to say that if I have to hunt all over the page to find the name of the yarn used, Knitter's is even more screwed up that even I would have thought.

Feh. Double feh. I'm sticking with books from now on. I just bought Cheryle Oberle's Folk Vests, which is great. Who needs magazines? But I feel sorry for beginners--they won't learn a damned thing from the magazines except to knit forever in shapeless garter stitch. Too bad.

Knitting Meet-up
Finally went to our local Knitting Meet-up at Borders in Livingston, NJ. And thoroughly enjoyed myself. Almost everyone there was young enough to be my daughter but what a great group! Definitely not your typical HYUKs, for sure. Dr. Debbie, a pediatrician at one of our local hospitals, is closer to my age and has been knitting on and off for a while. The other ladies ranged from raw beginner to intermediate.

Everyone seemed to agree that the magazines were off the mark. And this, mind you, directly from the market the magazines are trying to target. Hmmm...maybe the editors of said magazines need to get out of the office and start talking to these new knitters. They might learn something.

But as Elly said to me today, it's great to see younger people taking up knitting. I concur.

Anyone read the complaints about the "new" Addis with the less flexible cables on the Socknitters list? I hadn't noticed...but then, my collection of Addis is fairly aged. I must have at least 20-25 circs and close to that in bamboo double-points.

When I contemplate my dollar investment in needles alone, it's scary.

7 Days to Go
Achim is due back on the 28th. The gansey's first sleeve is halfway done. The entire body, including neckline, is finished. Ends woven in, even. Can I get this finished before he gets to Philadelphia International Airport next Friday?

We'll see...I'm pretty handy but working an exhausting full-time job and then trying to knit an entire self-designed gansey in less than 5 weeks is way past rare.

I challenge the Chin-less to knit faster. Heh.

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