Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Cynics regarded everybody as equally corrupt... Idealists regarded everybody as equally corrupt, except themselves.--Robert Anton Wilson

The KnitDweebish denizens of the Knit List, Knit U, Socknitters, et al are idealists, beyond a doubt...

Boy, the Knit List (now carefully "moderated" for your reading pleasure) sure has its collective warshcloths in a twist over an article published in The Charlotte Observer.

Oh my, my. Let me dash off a self-righteous letter to the author immediately, telling her how damned ignorant she is about the fabulous world of knitting and crochet and how I'm a real woman not hiding behind my needlework but dedicated to kuchen, kinder, und kirchen, knitting away for charity and giving of myself to the world through my endless donations of useless articles to family, friends, and whatever charity I can find, to further increase my sense of self-worth.

Spare us all.

What threatens these poor souls on the Knit List about some woman voicing blasphemy against the sacred art of knitting is beyond me. I mean, The Charlotte Observer and one writer is hardly about to make me put down my knitting and take up electronic pen to wither her with indignant (and no doubt sappily written) prose about the sanctity of my handwork and its true meaning in my life.

Clearly these people have little better to do with their time.

But then, I may be handy but I sure as shit ain't domestic.

Quick Note on Elly
She's cancer-free. Just got the word today. No chemo. No radiation. Nothing. Clean as the proverbial whistle.

Now she's got to look for phony boobs. And was quite disgusted to find out they cost $65 a pair.

As Elly always says when we go to craft shows: "What people will charge for crap. I could make that myself."

Knitted prosthetics, anyone? I double-dog dare ya. But perhaps I should ask The Knitting Diva if this is a project for her next "book."

Note to Bob
You know, since I know you read my blog, write a comment, you chickenshit. No rule that you have to knit.

Bob's handy and rare...but often incognito.

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