Saturday, March 08, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
"By whom?"
--Dorothy Parker, when told she was outspoken

As I said in 100 Things About Me, I love Dorothy Parker but I'm not nearly as depressed...

28 Lbs. of Cat on a 5-Lb. Bag
I've been thinking about how terribly people anthropomorphize their pets. (Look it up, will ya? It's not THAT big a word.)

Like when they knit their dogs little doggie sweaters and matching tams. Please.

Now my cat Milo is a cat. He looks like a cat, he acts like a cat, and I treat him like a damn cat. Which is to say, I respect his independence and he respects mine. And I feed him.

Sometimes Milo impinges upon my space. Most frequently, he sits on my knitting bag (see photo). Fortunately, I had removed the gansey first.

On occasion, as cats will do, he swipes a ball of yarn and trots around the house with it. Sometimes it remains intact.

Sometimes not.

I've decided that perhaps for my next Knitty article, I will use Milo as the model for a design project. I can see him in a knitted bomber jacket, with perhaps some chains. And shades.

I will design knitwear for Milo not because I believe he has any human qualities. I simply wish to annoy him.

PETA members, bite me. Milo and I do well together. He's quite rare, for 28 pounds of feline flab.

Da Gansey
This is not a great picture of it because I had to PhotoShop the shit out of the picture to get the stitch patterns to show up. The actual color is more of a blue-purple. Achim had better fucking like it. And it better fucking fit. I had only his shirt collar size as reference, so here's hoping.

All the stitch patterns come from Gladys Thompson's book. I hope the hearts aren't too much but he'll like that I researched the sweater before I designed it and that it's more or less authentic. He loves Celtic stuff. Go figure.

If you're really on top of your gansey knowledge, you'll know that all the stitch patterns supposedly mean something. I believe that Richard Rutt debunked the old myth that fishermen's corpses were identified by the patterns on their sweaters, when they washed up on shore.

I always thought that sounded a bit Disney-ish.

Another Nanosecond of Fame
Jeez, I so seldom put up pictures on the blog and today there's three of them. Well, illustration ain't my strong suit and my digital camera stinks. But here I am at Duffy Elementary School's Colonial Night on March 4, being interviewed by a Daily Record reporter. I did my spinning dog 'n' pony show again (is there nothing I won't do for Liz?) and it was much fun. The adults seemed even more amazed than the kids. I had to put my jacket under the wheel because it kept walking on the linoleum. And the chair was awful.

Nonetheless, I managed to get more spinning done that night than I have in a couple of months. Ah me.

It's a rare and handy world I live in. For sure.

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