Friday, March 28, 2003

Best Quote I Heard All Day
I'm not sure I want popular opinion on my side --
I've noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts.
--Bethania McKenstry

Knitting Fun-for-mentals
In thinking about stupid articles on knitting as a general topic, my instant reaction is: Why even consider reading them?

It must Roberts's Law of Regressive Incomprehension at work: "If There's the Word 'Knitting' in the Article, I'll Read It."

(And let's not forget its corollary--"If There's the Word 'Knitting' on the Package/Book Jacket/Shrink Wrap, I'll Buy It.")

Writ UnStyle
It's funny but I'm beginning to be able to differentiate between (among?) the writings of a Socknitter, a KList, and a Knit U KnitDweeb. Of course, the generalized bleatings all pretty much remain the same. However, there are very distinctive, um, substylings that are starting to float their way to the top of the ooze. Or perhaps I mean subspecies. No matter.

So I thought I'd do some examples.

To whit:

Knit List
From: ILuvJesusnYarn
Message: Can u Help me? Knitting n the Brain

I need some help...I am working on a project that I have to cast on
after woring in st st for 2 '' how do i do that?
sorry to be a bother but I don't remember how to do everything...
If anyone does dig up information on how knitting affects the brain,
would you please share it with us all? Be nice to have a big
latin-sounding word for being "in the zone" when I knit and feel myself
relax all over.

If a brain researcher needs volunteers to study while knitting, sign me
up, OK?

Yrs in grace, knitting, and sanctimony, RoseBeth

Knit U
From: MarabellaMaribou
Message: Thank You Lily!!!! And the NEW! Knitter's!!!!
Oh my Tiny Highness! I grovel at your tiny perfect feet! I must thank you publicly for your oh-so-flattering boa chastity belt design! It's a miracle of modern knitting engineering! And so incredibly chic! My friends are all agog because you dubbed me HYUK-In-Waiting at last year's Stitches. You are certainly the Tiniest, most Perfectest, most Adored designer of them all! I bow to your superior Tininess.

And David!!! Are you listening? This past issue of Knitter's was mouthwateringly fabulous! Please, please, please tell me exactly how you do that double-roll underarm cast-on...I do so want to learn from you!

Tiny Dancer, Marabella

David adds--
I could write reams and volumes on the double-roll underarm cast-on. While I was strolling down the snow-drifted streets with the sun glinting off our South Dakotan icy streams, on my way to seek out our local Starbuck's (and perchance a steaming cup of Almond Nougat half-decaf Cappucino--ooh yum!), I theorized that perhaps the double-roll underarm cast-on could be compared to a knitter's tango, in which the knitter, dancing through one strand of yarn, is able to lift and separate the strands below, thus adding stitches to the valleys we call the underarms. But I digress. Look for my article in the next issue. Hope this helps!

From: SweetSoxie
Message: Magic loop cure, need regia
i dint tell anyone this but i can tell you--the magicloop cured my bad circulation. really did. just wrapt that circular needle arund my ankle an a figure8 an pulled it back n forth and it worked! my feets feel great!
Can someone give me a source for regia? thanks. my google doesn't work. i don't know why. where can i buy a new one? thanks.

Sweetsoxie in sweet south US, bless you all n god bless, blessings everywhere

OK, now. Which post is the real, verbatim writing...and which are mine? Let's see how sharp you all are.

And handy blessings to you all for a fine weekend! And Achim's not home this weekend. Phone call from Perth last night, letting me know the scoop..."it could be so that I am home 5, 6, 7 of April or it could be that it is another week more." Shit.
So unrare.

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