Saturday, September 07, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?·

And the real Ken commited suicide. Little wonder...

Shit to Knit
I promised to let you know the winner. It would seem to be Sirdar as a brand and Snowflake as a specific yarn. I've never worked with either...and have no burning desire to anyways.

Years ago, I knit sweaters for a designer in NYC, who in turn sold them to Henri Bendel. It was truly an awful experience. The sweaters were made of a Berrocco boucle whose name escapes me now, as does the designer's. She lived on East 76th St. right off 5th Ave. The designer insisted that the garment be knit on 3s, despite the fact that the yarn demanded--nay, begged for--at least 7s. The resulting fabric was like unto Brillo, truly. And the finished sweaters commanded a nice $300 a pop.

I got a dollar-three-eighty for my armbreaking efforts. Poverty reared its ugly head...and two little girls needed extra stuff. What can I say?

The Never-ending Dating Saga of the Merry Widder
I hope this amuses you as much as it amuses me. Last Wedesday I get a phone message from my old boss telling me that a bunch of former employees were getting together at a local dive on Thursday and would I be coming? Now, my ex-boss is a wonderful guy--I adored working for him and we have kept in touch since I left the company 3 years ago. In a sidebar, my late husband and I both worked for him doing documentation, so XBoss knew Jim as well. We'd often see XBoss at these impromptu former employee gatherings. But I had not seen XBoss since Jim's memorial service the beginning of February...and he hadn't seen me almost 70 pounds lighter and a blonde, to boot.

So I go...and wouldn't you know it? XBoss (who I always secretly thought was tres hot) bought me wine and Jagermeister shots, talked to me almost exclusively for 4 hours...and asked me to go to a local jazz club next Thursday. Damn. I'm in NYC on business all that day and evening. But we're going to have lunch and he's happy to give me a raincheck on the jazz. After Date-zilla, I was going to swear off men for a while. But XBoss and I have always been tight...and hmmm...this could be something.

Will I?

Should I?

Hell, yes! Finally, a guy I can relate to...and relate with.

How rare! And in my own backyard, too.

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