Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Hmmmm...get me to a nunnery? Nah...they don't invite guys, either.

Ubermeister Stricknung or Das Needleneiblungleid
My knitting life is taking on all the sturm und drang of an endless Wagner opus. I can't seem to deal with anything past this Regia Stretch sock lately. I must be losing it. I have 1,085 potential projects in mind but all I can manage is a pair of socks. Sheesh. And the Grand Ave. vest is 32 rounds short of being "finished"...well, with a Starmore, finishing the main body is actually just the beginning. There's finishing AND there's finishing. Then there's the Pickpocket Tunic from last year's Jamieson's book. I guess just having two major knitting works-in-progress is not bad, considering I've heard of people having 40 or more. But there's more...

There is the 2-year spinning odyssey...3 pounds of merino/silk/angora, 2 bobbins spun. Feh. I love to spin but just don't seem to get to it enough.

I wish I could find the charm in knitting with bulky/super bulky stuff. Maybe then I'd actually accumulate a vast pile of fat sweaters that made me look like Ms. Michelin.

And why am I suddenly looking at 32-count cross-stitch charts for samplers that I've had in my collection for years? Is it something to do with the Grand Opening special at the new Michael's? 6 skeins of DMC floss for a buck? And my quilting project...templates made, fabric washed, that's it.

I feel an attack of startitis coming on. Someone stop me. Please. Before I needlework myself into oblivion.

Get back, Jojo. Get back to where you once belonged. Or some such shit.

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