Monday, September 30, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.

For the physicist in all of us...

And How Was Your Weekend, Marilyn?
The song that my friends were singing today. Just fabulous. And to quote the person with whom I shared it: "Just two words. Shut. Up."

Didn't The Crystals sing "He's So Fine"?

Enough said.

Overheard in the Coffee Room at The Chubb Institute at 3 p.m.
Warren, my Apps developer and adopted son
John, Apps Project Leader and well-known IT curmudgeon
Me, drinking my 12th cup of Columbian Supremo

The Joke:
Warren: Hey Mar, know what I did this weekend?
Me (totally unaware of set-up): God, who knows? Drank a quart of vodka? What?
Warren: I cleaned out my closet.
Me: Big fucking deal. And?
John (sotto voce): God knows what he found.
Warren: I found moth balls. Know what moth balls smell like?
Me: Of course, idiot.
Warren: How'd you get their tiny legs apart?

Well, I thought it was funny, after I cleaned up the ensuing coffee spew that took the fast track from my mouth.

You Know He Gets You If:
You're sitting on his couch knitting a sock and he's reading the manual to his new Yamaha bike and he looks up at you and says, "Shut up. I'm counting."

Knitty Up and Running
Read it. Knit it. Support Amy. Because I said so. And because it has a "Take no prisoners" attitude. And because Knitter's stinks.

Hand Jive
In short, surgery for ulnar neuropathy on October 10. Left arm totally immobilized in some sort of Spanish Inquisition splint for 2 weeks. No knitting, no driving, no working, no computing. Then 2 more weeks of recouping by wearing splint MOST of the time.

I will embroider if I can attach hoop to splint in some way. This is an engineering project of the highest order.

How rare! And how left handy!

I am so pissed. But the choices are nil and none.

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