Sunday, September 08, 2002

Quotes Taking Sunday Off
But if you want a good laugh, click here for The Dialectizer. Enter any URL and it will change the page's language into Redneck, Cockney, Pig Latin, The Swedish Chef...even Elmer Fudd.

I did this page in Jive. And peed in my pants. How handy!

Sundy, Sundy
One Wilbury sock done in Regia Stretch Color but I'm too lazy to scan it and put it up. Bite me.

Went to Walmart's. Saw many gap-toothed double-wide denizens. Bought new ironing board to replace the heirloom that Ma gave me 30 years ago (it's been in the family since I was 7, which makes it, um, 45 years old).

Went home and cast on for Sock #2.

Gack. This is no life for a happenin' girl. Too rare. zzzzzzzzzzzz More tomorrow when I leave my comatose state and see the white light.

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