Saturday, September 14, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
The truth does not set you free, it just makes everyone irritable.

That's true...

Long, Long, Long Week
Boy, I haven't had one minute to write this week, let alone knit. Work keeps getting in the way. Heh. Well, they DO give me money on a bi-monthly basis, so I suppose I should help them out. But here I am, bloodied but unbowed.

Adventures In Fiberland
And like Alice, I keep saying, "Curiouser and curiouser."

But I refuse to learn to tat. Anything else is fair game.

So far, I can knit, spin, sew, embroider, quilt...and am a poor needlepointer because my stitches look like shit. Weaving doesn't interest me at this point in my needling career.

Still trudging along on the second Wilbury sock. The hand situation is really becoming a hardship. Thank God I'm seeing the spine guy on Thursday because I can barely use my left hand now. So to remedy my inability to either hit the "A" key accurately when typing or to hold more than a #1 needle, I decided to go down to our local stitching emporium to gather up materials for a fairly complicated counted-cross stitch sample. Embroidery needle is manipulated by right hand and I have to have something challenging to do.

No, this ain't no stinkin' Michaels 14-count Aida project, either.

And of course, the woman in the shop (not the owner, I found out) is a novice knitter. So we spent a fine hour talking knitting and embroidery--very satisfying. I solved her problems, she solved mine. And I discovered that embroiderers also have stashes. Although what kind of stash one could have, given that thread is comparatively cheap, I dunno. Thousands of skeins of DMC floss?

I'm still dying to get the yarn for the Fair Isle sweater I love from the Jamieson book, the Sandness. Waiting for Stitches so I can look at the colors in person. Hopefully, after perhaps some traction for my neck, I will be able to knit a little better.

Date-zilla--Never Again!
After repeating the tale of Date-zilla to my friend Gail (who didn't think it was SO bad--what does she know?), I've decided that if they don't work, I am not going to be so polite. It's going to be, "Sorry but no chemistry." Already done that once since Date-zilla. Felt kinda bad but I would have felt worse if I had let the situation progress to a date.

I've actually talked to a guy online who may have potential. He's German, my age, has a motorcycle, same interests as I have (sans knitting) and is seriously attractive. Works as an engineer for Philips. My boss Mark maintains that I need to hook up with a guy who's technical or it's no good. I'm a technical kind of woman, myself.

I think he's right.

Film at 11...this guy Hans-Joachim (Achim for short) may fly. I'd enjoy teaching him idiomatic English...heh heh.

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