Saturday, October 05, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

And my clock is ticking...5 days til surgery.

Sock Hop
I'm crunching away, trying to get at least one redesigned Leaves of Grass sock finished and photographed for the Freebie page before my arm gets splinted. I find most greens, with the exception of emerald green, depressing shades to work with, and this green that I'm using is no exception.

But given my mood the past few days, almost anything bums me out. What fresh hell is this? I ask myself repeatedly.

However, the pattern for the L of G is one that looks like overlapping leaves...a very easy 8-round repeat but with some interestingly executed mirrored decreases and strategically placed yo's that keeps me intrigued. And it wouldn't have looked very leafy if I'd done it in cerise. Let the punishment fit the crime. But I really do dislike this shade of green...

Stitches East
I think the only reason I am forcing my child to drive me to Valley Forge next Sunday, a scant 3 days after surgery, is that I need a bunch of stuff and I don't want to mail order it and pay shipping. My shopping list? Another yarn bracelet, some sock yarn for Achim because I want to make him some blue socks with "red dots" as a surprise, more O-ring markers, extra sets of #0 and #1 bamboo dps because you can never have too many sets, and perhaps some more Koigu. And whatever else knocks my handknitted socks off.

I think I may take a trip to the LYS today and order the Jamieson yarn for the Sandness Fair Isle pullover. I'm ever optimistic that I will be knitting up a storm sooner than I think.

KnitBlog Bopping
I was reading Annie Modesitt's blog, Modeknit Musings, last night, in an effort to play catch-up with everyone's scribblings, and thoroughly enjoyed her Life with Martha comments. As I had always suspected, The Girl From N.U.T.L.E.Y. is a stone bitch. How rare! May Martha grow large and blubbery on the fine starch-laden cuisine of the NY Upstate Women's Correctional Facility.

Then I moved on to my friend Jen Tocker of Yarnaholic Confessions fame. I think Jen hit the nail on the head with her observations of the knitting magazines and their underwhelming effort to attract "The New Knitter." How The New Knitter will improve their skills through these magazines and get past "New" is beyond me. As I commented on Jen's blog, if I had not had access to Mon Tricot when I was 22 and through that magazine, realized that there was more to knitting than stockinette, I would have never been challenged to increase my skills. And being the Teutonic Twit that I am, I always try to learn everything and be the best at whatever I do.

I fear that the knit mags are incubating a whole new breed of KnitDweebs, knitting pod people who emerge from their cocoons that hang above the yarn section in every Michael's across the land and who will descend upon the knitting multi-verse like flies on shit. Egad.

How handy! How obtuse! And rare!

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