Monday, October 14, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day
"If everything is under control, you are going too slow." - Mario Andretti

Gentlemen, start your engines...

Stitches East 2002
Shop til ya drop. So dear daughter Corinne drove me and Elly to Valley Forge and in 2 hours, I bought some laceweight suri alpaca from Cherry Tree Hill, some of their Oceania, which is a nifty boucle in red/pink/orange, sort of sunset colors. Sock yarn up the wazoo, including more Koigu, Socka, Jawoll Cotton (this could be interesting). Another yarn bracelet. Another set of #0 dps. The Twisted Sisters book (which I will review anon), and a subscription to INKnitters that included the 6 back issues.

Not bad for a one-armed girlie, eh?

It only takes one hand to grab skein, and one hand to grab wallet.

Stitches East 2003
XRX seems to have faux-pas'd it again. Next year's SE will be held on Yom Kippur. And evidently, according to a post on KnitU, they don't particularly care, either, since they gave the poster the mondo brush-off when asked about it.

I posted to KnitU asking them to verify this and to reconsider the date, if it is indeed true. I have no doubt that it is--somehow, you just know that they aren't into thinking ahead about something that might affect many of the attendees, instructors AND vendors.

At this point, other than shopping at the Market once a year, I've totally given up on Knitter's as a bad deal all around. I'm putting my money on INKnitting for technical articles (will review in a few days when arm feels a little better) and Knitty for fun and a fresh new viewpoint. These two publications give me hope.

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