Thursday, October 17, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right. -- Ashleigh Brilliant


Stitches East 2003--Yom Kippur
Well, as Lola commented below, XRX apparently realized just how many people (and the XRX bankroll) would be affected by the Yom Kippur problem next year, so they will make adjustments to the Market schedule. Switching to AC as the venue put them in the position of having to take what weekend was available, so they took the Yom Kippur weekend. I'm figuring that I will take DM Elly for the weekend and we'll do Cape May when we aren't shopping or walking on the beach or whatever.

I don't do classes. Can't sit still for that long and frankly, I'm not interested in learning 350 new ways to cast on or how to use up my stash. The only people whose classes I would sit in on would be Lucy Neatby (if she taught) and possibly Sally Melville. The rest you can have.

Domino Knitting, My Ass
And this Domino Knitting woman, Vivian Haxbro or whatever her name is? It irritates the piss out of me that she claims to have invented this technique. Bullshit. I have a treasured copy of "Number Knitting" by Virginia Woods Bellamy, published in 1952, in which she lays out completely her technique of modular garter stitch knitting (she even patented it). This book is harder than hen's teeth to find on the used-book circuit. And the designs in it are charmingly outdated and simplistic. I'll have to scan in one of them for fun to show you.

One-Armed Fiberista
They'll have to amputate before I stop knitting. Got 50 rows done on the Oceania cardi already. With the orthopedist's OK, of course. (Well, I did immediately try to knit after surgery but once I went to Stitches and came back with the loot, there was no turning back.) So I'm happy. And actually, I was incorrect about the Oceania--it's not a true boucle, insofar as it's not looped. It's really a wavy yarn with a little mylar-ish glitz running through it. Nice to knit though. And the variegation is quite subtle so as not to make those hideous blotchies. This is a very, very plain vanilla cardi, for obvious reasons, but I'm thinking that it will need very fabulous buttons--glass buttons.

How one-handy!

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