Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day
Stupidity's cause hasn't been advanced much by its many martyrs

Ignorance is truly a cardinal sin...

New Book Review
Okay, okay. So I'm a little behind my times. I plead surgery. But I have reviewed The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook finally, on the No Affiliation Knitting Reviews page. I'm getting a round tuit. So bite me.

On Willy Warmers and Some Pertinent Questions
O! The shame of it all...yes, I plan on making one, so that the motorcyclist in my life will not be cold riding hither and yon to and from work in the early fall mornings. It was his request, and I cannot deny him anything (except, perhaps, a warshcloth).

The design of said warmer is simple...but my questions are ever practical. For example, how long to make it? IF one would knit it to the, um, length that one often encounters it, the finished object would be perchance too long and not fit. So I have to presume that the wearing of said object will happen A) when I am not there and B) when it is fucking cold. Therefore, I would think that making the warmer about half-sized would be apropos.

The second question would be: How should the warmer be affixed to the beloved organ? Drawstring? Elastic in a casing? Gravity? Inquiring minds would love to know. The elastic seems to me to be an extreme choice, and might totally cut off the circulation. To hope that the warmer stays on of its own accord is not reasonable. My option would be a drawstring. Anyone?

The third question: What fiber to use? I was thinking alpaca, which is soft and warm, but it would mean hand-washing it. I don't want to use wool--even merino would be too scratchy AND it's not machine-washable. Forget cotton and silk. So maybe he'll have to hand wash it but he's not lazy so perhaps I'll go with the alpaca.

I'd say, "How handy" but maybe not here, not now.

How rare...and he'd better not ask for warshcloths.

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