Sunday, October 20, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day
I'm not a complete idiot - several parts are missing.

This quote is dedicated to a very special know who you are :-)

So Don't be an Idiot!
I must remind myself not to call people idiots...unless they deserve it.

However, I will always admit when I'm the Comments from Thursday's entry regarding Vivian Hoxbro and my sincere mea culpa to Katherine for pointing out that Hoxbro never claimed to have invented the Domino Knitting technique. Just read what I wrote, I'm too tired to rewrite it. LOL! Insert foot in mouth...

Why Stockinette is Boring
Egad. Why did I start this Oceania cardi? Yeah. I know. Because my arm was f-ed up. Now it's better, much. Now I'm totally bored with being a little knitting machine. No challenge. No nothing. Just knit one row, purl one row, ad nauseam. I've got almost 14" done on the back and just about ready to decrease for the armholes. The charm of the Oceania's variegation has been revealed and no longer holds me sway.

And I'm snoring. I may have to drop a stitch, just to make this interesting. But I will soldier on, my motto being "Never have Unfinished Objects lying about."

And probably another week to go before I can go back to work.

Headline in the news: "Knitter Found Bored to Death in Armchair,
Coroner Blames Stockinette Stitch as Culprit."

Film at 11. How rare!

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