Saturday, August 31, 2002

Best Quote I Heard All Day
The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

And the gene pool on I80 today needed a poolboy...with an Uzi.

All Good Codeheads Close the Tag
I had nothing better to do today at the lake than fiddle around with a little prototype Knitbloggers sock...not warm enough to go swimming, just enough sun to maintain tan.

Btw, the <> design in the sock is an html tag. If you do any web design/dev, that means something. If you don't, don't ask. It's a whole 'nother language...not unlike ssk and k2tog.

Oh yeah, I did a review of the new Jamieson book today too.

So I went out to dinner the other night with some friends who dragged along the "Available Man" for me. Why do they feel like they need to do this?...oh boy, was this guy a Primo Bore-o-rama...and clearly was trying to, um, make it with me. Number One, he had pig eyes. I kept thinking of Green Acres every time I looked at him...what was the pig's name? (oh right, Arnold.) Two, he kept telling me how beautiful I am (talk about laying it on with a trowel), how beautiful my eyes are, tried to hold my hand across the table (I moved it at the speed of light), told me about his mail folding equipment he has at home (!???), and never let me get more than a word or two in between his monologue on how he saved some woman at work's kid from a life of prostitution and drugs by sending her to a Costa Rican halfway house run by Mormons...and how he did the K of C newsletter for free (explains the mail folding equipment).

I'm not making this up!!! You can't make this shit up! And here's the kicker...he told me he was looking for a woman who would greet him with dinner on the candle-lit table and classical music playing in the background. So I said, "Well, I guess my Led Zep albums wouldn't cut it, eh?"

Never stopped him...tried to put his arm around me as we were all leaving the restaurant. Talk about the New Jersey Two-Step! Man, I moved it.

Thank God he doesn't have my phone number. If any "friend" gives it to him, they are dead meat. He is living proof that all the AV nerds you avoided in high school are alive...and are single. Little wonder.

Regia Stretch Color
This stuff is great. I posted same on the Socknitters list of my rare cameos on any list. But I've been much impressed by the sproinginess of this yarn. Making a pair of Traveling Wilbury socks with it. I'm going to put that up as a freebie pattern on the blog...but not tonight. It's getting increasingly more difficult to type...and knit, I hate to say. So with that, it's back to e-mail and maybe some minor knitting before Saturday Night Live.

How rare! Frozen it a prerequisite that one must wait 3 weeks to see a specialist? Gack.

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