Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Book of Love Lace Socks pictures are up on The Rock and Roll Sock Collection page. These are the socks that I designed especially for Ms. Liz, who was a junior bridesmaid in her uncle Waynie's wedding last year. Liz refused to wear them...way too girly-girl for her, so I'll flog the design to you all.

Knitter's came in the mail today. I actually avoided looking at it until I had A) changed my work clothes and B) made myself a cup of coffee. Review coming tomorrow on No Affiliation Knitting Reviews, along with some news about a new knitting catalog from Knit Picks.

Even Back in the Victorian Era, The KnitDweebs were recognized as a bona fide subculture of knitting...although I suspect that the K-Dweebs have multiplied exponentially since then and may, in fact, now be an uberculture. Gack (or should I say, HYUK?)...the thought! This, from a Socknitters post:

"A knowledge of knitting has so many advantages
that it is almost superfluous to enumerate them...
And for this there is excellent reason.
The cheapness of materials required,
the simplicity of the work, the scope it affords
for the exercise of taste and ingenuity,
and the very small amount of attention and
application it requires, have placed the art
within the reach of the most humble,
and the power of the most stupid."
Ladies Guide to Needlework, 1877

As Loopy sez, "What foresight! How did they know the KnitList would happen?"

What does this tell us? History repeats itself. I've got the Tums if you've got the time. And a Splendiferous Snotrag design that I swear will attract at least some K-Dweebs who don't get it.

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