Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.

Here's to my real friends...and you know where ALL my bodies are buried...

Blocking For Blockheads
So here it is, Liz. A .pdf on Blocking for Blockheads, just for you...and anyone else who needs some info on blocking. The whole thing just got way too long for a blog post. Btw, for those who have never dealt with .pdf (Portable Document Format) files, it's what you read with Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Reader, you can get it for free here. It's a quick download and if you do anything on the internet, you need it.

We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun til Daddy Takes the T-Bird Away
Work, work, work. And now I'm tired, so I'm not going to write much tonight...need to glom some TV and knit. Maybe call my friend Gail. Maybe go to sleep. Maybe have a cup of caffeine and stay up late and knit. The Lucy socks are back on track. Oh jeez, I know what I forgot! I bought the new Jamieson book today...and once again ogled the Sweaters from Camp book. The Jamieson book is fabulous...lots of gorgeous sweaters, even a 3-color-in-the-row Fair Isle...which I wouldn't bother making, even though I'm a Fair Isle maven. But altogether lovely designs. Cables, textures, colors, easy, intermediate, expert--something for everyone. I'll toss a review of it up on the other page, along with a review of Interweave Knits tomorrow.

Good night, sweet princesses (and princes) of Knitdom...don't forget to comment on Shit to Knit and which is your least fave. I'll put all entries into a post one of these days.

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