Sunday, August 18, 2002

Oh Frabjous Day!
Ms. Elly, my septuagenarian knitting mama, is back from her sojourn in the Catskills with her even creakier and certainly crankier buddies Joyce and Tom. She virtually finished a vest while there...guess the conversation wasn't all that stimulating. And told me she looked through Knitter's when she got home and immediately consigned it to the garbage, where she believes it belongs. The apple don't fall far from the tree.

I can only imagine what I'll be like in 25 years or so when I'm Elly's age, if some irate KnitDweeb doesn't plot my assassination first--perhaps drowning me in a vat of Kiwi Kool-Aid...or smothering me with a chenille warshcloth...or inundating me with hideous e-mail animated greeting cards featuring glassy-eyed, Hello Kittyesque creatures and bland, vapid cutsie children a la Precious Moments until I choke on my own regurgitation. The possibilities are endless. Apocalypse now!

Oh yeah. I forgot. K-Dweebs don't believe in planning. Never mind.

Painting Myself Into a Corner, Design-wise
I try to work out my designs as much as possible ahead of time, do the color charts, figure out the placement, visualize what elements belong where for the maximum aesthetic balance...but the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men aft gang agley. (Apologies to Bobbie Burns.) This Fair Isle sock design that I'm doing, in lavender, wine, and smoky amethyst Jawoll, was going gangbusters until I hit the heel. Did a bi-color moss stitch for the heel in the wine and amethyst...looked just fine...but somehow, when I came to the gusset pickup, I was at a total loss as to which color to use. I should have used the lavender...used the amethyst. And maybe the lavender wouldn't have been good either. I ended up with no good choices. Now it sucks. Well, I'll wear them this winter but I doubt I'll publish them. So the cuff and leg look great, the heel is nifty...and after that, it all goes down the toilette. Feh.

I'm getting less clever by the minute this weekend. How rare.

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