Friday, August 16, 2002

Best Quote I've Heard All Day from BlogHop:
Swearing is the crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers

What they say. Yeah.

Knitting Lists--Are They Crutches for the Terminally Stupid?
I've finally figured out what the problem with all these knitting mailing lists is: the same doltish people post the same doltish questions without ever bothering to A) look something up in a REFERENCE BOOK and B) work the problem out on their needles before they ask for help. Loopy got me thinking about this the other day when she reminded me that the KnitList was once a lively forum for knitters, when it was hosted on the UMN server in 1997. It has now disintegrated into a Happy Dancing, chronically stagnant morass of FOs, UFOs, SEX (probably the most idiotic of all the list-ish acronyms) populated by hopelessly hapless loonies asking how to make a slip knot.

All the interesting knitters are doing something else. Loopy and I have continued our e-mail friendship long after any of the lists held any allure for either of us. Some of these knitters are doing blogs now, thank you Jesus. I was remembering the times on the old K-List, when my screen name was Raveledslv (at that time, there were people on the list who got that), where I could read interesting discussions of technique, cogent reviews of books, yarn and materials, and I could speak my mind without getting flamed. Well, the Anti-Martha Stewart series of posts that I did sparked some not-so-nice mail. LOL! But in the main, I loved reading almost all of the posts.

When I first began knitting seriously in 1974, there were no real knitting books, no magazines other than McCall's Needlework & Crafts, not much in the way of yarn, no instant answer gratification from the internet. If I didn't understand a technique, I worked it out on scrap yarn until I did understand. When, in 1978, I discovered Mon Tricot, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! American Home Crafts, a fabulous but short-lived magazine, Homemade, published by Lark...these were my learning tools. And making mistake after mistake after mistake...and being challenged to learn. And learn I did.

The blogs represent all that is innovative on the internet knitting scene today, in my opinion. My greatest fear is that the K-Dweebs find out about blogs and we start seeing "My Knitted Warshcloths" blogs and "Kathie's Kute Kool-Aid Knits" blog......but nah. To do a blog means you need to be technical...and then the K-Dweebs would have to start a list that would answer such questions as "What is HTML?" and "when I click 'Publish,' I can't find my website." But forewarned is forearmed. This could happen.

Knitting Renegades, UNITE! Be vigilant against the Attack of the Dimmy KnitDweebs!

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