Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Review of Fall 2002 Knitter's is up on No Affiliation Reviews on Knitting Stuff.

Busy day...MRI of neck to see what's causing the pinched nerve that's screwing up my left hand. Believe it or not, I fell asleep during the 45 minutes it took, listening to Bonnie Raitt's Road Tested .

I'm still a counterculture baby, one of Chuck's Children, etc. I think that's why the Knitterati Establishment irritates me into curmudgeonry. Loopy e-mailed me this afternoon and made some comment as to "Renegade Knitters, Unite!" Yeah, baby! That's it!! I want to gather all the Renegade Knitters unto my ample boobs and create a new millenium counterculture. Or some shit like that. How rare! What you think?

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