Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Review: Sock Wizard and Stitch & Motif Maker but first...

Well, forearm, wrist and hand are in hideous, robo-splint that makes both typing and knitting damn near impossible. I'm crabby from the constant ache, not to mention the neverending "What happened to your hand" comments at work. Well, OBVIOUSLY some shit happened, didn't it? You'd think I worked at St. Elsewhere's, what with the number of pseudo-physicians who offered varied diagnoses today. I hid in my office and worked through lunch to avoid stares and questions. But I persevere. Have to immobilize whole deal until I see the orthopedist next Monday.

Now for my jiffy reviews: These programs are absolutely great! They deliver what they promise, for a change. User friendly, nice interfaces. Sock Wizard files export directly into Word, where they are editable. St & Motif Maker charts export into MS Paint, with provisions made for legend typing...or not, your choice. One of my Rock n Roll Collection designs went from paper and knitter's graph to Word file in less than a half hour.

I have Cochenille's Stitch Designer and Garment Styler for my PowerPC Mac--Stitch Designer is not nearly as good as St & Motif Maker, IM not-so-humble O. As with Stitch Designer, you can scan stuff into St & Motif Maker. I have a logo that I'm itching to do for a rabid Braves fan I know. I also got Carole Wulster's sweater design program. I'll be reviewing that later this week to see how it stands up to Garment Styler.

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